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Spanish Inquisition 2018

    Ferreres, El Periódico, 12/01/2018 Advertisements

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Catalunya’s unusual elections

Catalunya is heading towards a new election, after the Spanish government took over its institutions, deposing the president and government, and dissolving the parliament. The constitutional provision used (the now infamous art. 155) literally only authorizes the central government to … Continue reading

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Why should I seek?  I am the same as He.  His essence speaks through me.  I have been looking for myself! [Rumi (1207-1273), from Dīvān-e Kabīr] More than 300 people were killed in a terrorist attack on a Sufi mosque … Continue reading

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Catalunya (2)

October 1, 2017. Peaceful Catalan voters brutally attacked, and shot with rubber bullets, by Spanish police: 844 wounded. More than half of the people showed up. Many were forcefully prevented from casting their vote or having it counted. Still, about … Continue reading

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(English at the end) Los estados históricamente han representado estructuras de poder y dominio impuesto con la fuerza. Solo en épocas recientes, y solo en algunas partes del mundo, se han ido democratizando; pero casi siempre manteniendo ese aspecto de … Continue reading

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SÌ alla riforma costituzionale

Il referendum del 4 dicembre in Italia deciderà se entra o no in vigore la riforma della costituzione approvata dal parlamento dopo due anni di lavori (e sei votazioni). Non c’è quorum, se vince il sì passa la riforma, se … Continue reading

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My endorsement for Hillary Clinton

I am not a US citizen and I cannot vote, but here are 4 reasons (in order of relevance) why I support Hillary Rodham Clinton in the presidential election. She is the only way to stop Donald Trump. His demeaning … Continue reading

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