Main publications

• “Conjectural Equilibria and Rationalizability in a Game with Incomplete Information” (with P. Battigalli), in P. Battigalli et al. (eds.), Decisions, Games and Markets, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997, pp. 97-124.  (Springer Link)  (wp)

• “A Note on the Convergence to Competitive Equilibria in Economies with Moral Hazard” (with A. Bisin y P. Gottardi), in P.J.J. Herings et al. (eds.), The Theory of Markets, North-Holland, 1999, pp. 229-246.   (wp)

• “Human Capital Distribution, Growth and Convergence”, Research in Economics, 2000, 54, pp. 331-350.  (DOI)  (wp)

• “Moral Hazard and Nonexclusive Contracts” (with A. Bisin), Rand Journal of Economics, Summer 2004, vol. 35, n. 2, pp. 306-328.  (JStor)  (wp)

• “Information Extraction and Norms of Mutual Protection” (with A. Bisin), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 84, 2012, pp. 154-162.  (DOI)  (wp)


The stick and the carrot. A tale of economics for all (with P. Puig)    (see Books)

Catalan edition: El pal i la pastanaga. Un conte d’economia per a tothom, Ed. Cadí, 2011.

Italian edition: Il bastone e la carota. Un racconto di economia per tutti, Stampa Alternativa, 2013.

For a piece of sky (with P. Puig), mimeo, 2013.

[Catalan version: Per un tros de cel]

Work in progress:

• “Social Capital, Growth and Poverty Traps” (with A. Bisin)

• “Networks, Norms and the Dynamics of Social Capital”

• “Information Transmission and Electoral Accountability”